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I've said i need to do this a bunch of times [27 Mar 2008|10:40pm]
I have a few piano melodies on my keyboard that i would randomly come up with while im sitting on my computer. they are very simple and somber. I really need to develop them into a song of some sort.

I think im inspired by this song by Northstar

Northstar - Piano Jam
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On 2007 [10 Jan 2008|09:43am]
Well, I think i've done this the past few years, so I suppose I can give everyone an update on my life the past year.

Its pretty cliche, but 2007 was the most remarkable years of my life. To sum it up in a nutshell, I basically never found a way to balance a relationship and a job at the same time. Here is a simple chart:

January December
Relationship No Relationship Relationship
No Job Job No Job

I think in those regards, it was a pretty significant year. I cant fathom I will undergo more change in a year in the forseeable future. (Probably aside from having a kid or something) I guess I am finally coming to terms with being in the "real world" to some degree. I remember around april stressing out way too much about graduating and starting a career, and I'm sure that definitely detracted from work. Its a pretty significant moment in anyones life. School was pretty easy on the whole, and not too stressful (annoying perhaps) Its a pretty major change going from doing not alot of work, watching tv all day, and playing video games to a much more structured lifestyle.

I think losing my job was one of the biggest confidence blows I've ever had. Prior to that I pretty much excelled at school, did sweet at all jobs I had previously (albeit they were much easier) So I suppose this was one of the first times I came up short in anything signifcant in my life. Everything else was so minor or trivial, none of them really cost me months of anguish and literally 10s of thousands of dollars. Even though I wished I had moved out, I must say I'm pretty lucky I stayed around here. It would have been way more difficult if I had lost my job, and had to move home and deal with all that on top of all the stress.

But, I think I learned more from the overall experience than I would have at any other job, both in terms of how to be more productive and effective at work, strategies for starting a new job, and most of all, not settling for a job that I know what be of interest of me, or a good fit for me. I have a feeling I'll look back on this year as a pretty defining moment in terms of my career development. I hate to sound arrogant (I think i'm pretty modest), but I think I have a lot in store for my career, and theres no way I'm going to be unsuccessful.

With the bad comes the good. Probably one of the best things to happen to me was to meet a really nice, fun and incredible girl who treats me well. I think it was one of the few things that helped me keep my sanity after all of the events of this year. So thanks alot Sarah :-) Overall I'm really optimistic about this year and excited about alot of things... even if you are notorious for forgetting your ID.

I'm also pretty glad I kept in good contact with alot of friends. I think I'm pretty blessed to have so many GOOD friends who I have known for so long... even though some have moved or are going to move. So to name a few, thanks alot Steve, Dan, Jamie, Rachel, Holly, Erin, Faith, Nathan, Bill, Andrew, Brad, Jeff, Mike/Mal and pretty much anyone who helped me feel better this year when I was down, or even just flat out played video games with me (cough warcraft) I'm kind of worried that people are slowly drifting apart. Id hope it doesnt take an event like a year ago to make people realize how we need to keep in touch

So thats pretty long and kind of sums it up. I was on the fence of making this friends only, but Id think some of the people I hardly talk to might an enjoy some insight into my life.
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Unemployment Status Update: [13 Nov 2007|12:30am]
1. Finish Learning "Maple Leaf Rag"
Havent played it in a week, but i practiced a bunch more measures and the parts i know. I also play guitar the days i dont play piano

2. Learn "Venus Stop the Train" (assuming derek transcribes it for me)
nope :-(

3. Finish "Pathetique"
nope :-(

4. Read a book a week (be it a novel, or a motivational book of some sort)
Already read 3 books! halfway through another

5. Be a substitute teacher (time permitting)
Submitted my application and my letters of rec

6. Workout at least 3 days a week, and really try to up the weight and vary my workout
doing sweet!

7. Try and eat healthier (I suppose no money will make not eat fast food)
meh, dont eat as much fast food, but i do take vitamin every day, drink more v8 and more OJ

8. Take my vitamin every day! (i always forget)

9. Dont sleep in past 10am.
I get up at like 10:30, thats better than 2pm

10. Make sure I apply for at least 20 jobs a week (and bug people when i get the chance)
havent made 20 a week yet. But im usually at around 15, and im doing a good job of tracking them

11. Not play video games (already cancelled warcraft :-( )
havent played any!

New Additions!

12. Learn to breakdance
Downloaded a bunch of videos!

13. Learn another language
Started working on this!
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Things to do while Unemployed [23 Oct 2007|12:21am]
[ mood | tired ]

Things I want to do to make nice use of my time

1. Finish Learning "Maple Leaf Rag"
2. Learn "Venus Stop the Train" (assuming derek transcribes it for me)
3. Finish "Pathetique"
4. Read a book a week (be it a novel, or a motivational book of some sort)
5. Be a substitute teacher (time permitting)
6. Workout at least 3 days a week, and really try to up the weight and vary my workout
7. Try and eat healthier (I suppose no money will make not eat fast food)
8. Take my vitamin every day! (i always forget)
9. Dont sleep in past 10am.
10. Make sure I apply for at least 20 jobs a week (and bug people when i get the chance)
11. Not play video games (already cancelled warcraft :-( )

I suppose on top of that, is adhere to a strict budget

Also open to other suggestions as well.

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Woo [12 Oct 2007|05:40pm]
Ive never been more embarassed in my life.
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I need to get my life in order [16 Sep 2007|12:52pm]
This is getting ridiculous.

I need to get comfortable with working and being in the real world. Im happy with my job, I'm just really not used to 9-5 in a cube in front of a computer.

I really need do better on my workouts, and try and put on more weight (Apparently I just spent 80 dollars on supplements) I lost a few pounds due to the stress last month, and was worried I wouldnt be able to lift as much. But I think I'll be back to where I was next week, so all is not lost. I also feel alot better about myself when I go to the gym regularly.

Derek inspired me to try and practice my piano again. I left a few songs half finished, and I have the sheet music to piano man. Nothing wrong with that.

I think my outlook on my future has been fairly negative since I graduated, and I really need to make steps to make that change. I suppose this would be a start.
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Some good old songs I've been listening to again lately: [19 Aug 2007|10:02pm]
Brand New - Play Crack the Sky

Jimmy Eat World - 23

Too bad I'll be 24 soon :-( Hopefully Brand new plays that when I seem them in 2 months.
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My life is complete... almost [29 Jul 2007|02:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Yesterday I went to City Club. I got to see the latex people, watch all the weird dancers, and probably contract a million STDs just by walking in the door. It only took me over 5 years but I made it.

I also dont think I've ever seen so many extremely large unattractive girls in my life.

The guy wearing body armor
The guy who looked like a white supremacist that would dance and periodically pause to do a "Jesus Pose"
The guy who would dance with glowstick eggs
The really weird guy in underwear and chains who stood motionless and watched the glowstick guy from 3 feet away for about 15 minutes.

I had fun though, it was an interesting experience and I got to dance like a retard. I still need to go back, apparently the infamous girls only wearing thongs and tape didn't show up. But I'm really excited the full body suit latex people did, that was wild.

Oh, the beer fest was fun yesterday. I am also the reason our food bill at Aubrey's for $120 was cut down to $60 with a $40 free gift certificate. I complained to the manager about out service since it took almost 2 hours to get our food. Seriously, it not like a giant beer drinking festival 100 yards away came as a shock to the people there.

Time to work on my DJ set for this weekend.


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Its interesting [23 Jul 2007|11:22pm]
I listen to songs like "Set the Ray to Jerry", "Perfect", and "By Starlight" and can't help but think that its songs like these that reaffirm why I always liked The Smashing Pumpkins so much. I always tend to ignore lyrics in songs and merely listen to the music and the melodies... perhaps I need to change that.

PS download the song I uploaded a few days ago
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2 things I learned this week: [21 Jul 2007|10:49am]
First, dont sell drugs in meijer. I saw some kid get yelled at and kicked out. Weird.
Second, middle schoolers think I'm cute... according to the 13 year olds who hang out at the rec center and shout things at people walking by. Theres always like 30 kids at the entrance, they are very very annoying.

Oh and rock climbing is tough.
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Music under the Stars [18 Jul 2007|08:48pm]
Does anyone want to go tomorrow? Its at 7:30 at the civic center, the music is "Big Band" this week. I just remembered about this today and looked it up.

PS I know how Harry Potter ends! I read the spoiler. Now I don't have to read the last 6 books.
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Sup. [16 Jul 2007|06:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So summer is pretty much half over. Still lots of places I want to go.

I actually went to the library a few days ago. I'm reading a book called "The Worry Cure". It was mentioned in a Bosch newsletter about how to be a better/happier worker or something. So I went to the library to pick it up. I think its pretty helpful, definitely making me feel a lot better and less stressed. I think im going to do all the stupid shit the book says, like keeping a worry journal or something. I guess LJ would be good for that. Perhaps it would be interesting to look back on them in 10 years.

So who wants to throw a rave party? I've been listening to this Paul Van Dyk concert like crazy. Also, everyone should listen to the song: "Fall Back into my Life" here http://www.myspace.com/amberpacific

Very typical cookie cutter power pop song... but for the moment its super catchy. I'll probably hate it in a week. Speaking of music, I've listened to four albums of note lately.

Never Ending White Lights - Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies
Pretty good CD. A couple songs are hit or miss, but the hit songs are awesome. I think alot of people would enjoy this album.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
Im glad the sound changed campared to other albums, it gets boring listening to rehashes of old cds. A little slow to grow on me, but im pretty bias since its my favorite band. I'm still pretty excited about going to see the concert.

New Found Glory - Coming Home
Came out a while ago, but I just downloaded it recently. Pretty great cd all around. I think they have the "how to write an insanely catchy pop songs" thing down. I dont care what anybody says, new found glory is still a great band. The song "Oxygen" is pretty sweet. Maybe I'll upload it soonish.

Silverstein - Some stupid title or something
I liked their old cd, but this one just plain sucks. Basically took their old CDs and changed the titles and rearranged the lyrics. Speaking of, I think a 5 year old could write better songs. Shite.

Been kind of bummed lately... I'm flying solo to Bill's wedding now. Also I realized im a few pounds behind my schedule for the summer. So I went and bought this ridiculous meal substitute powder so I can actually eat breakfast in the morning. Working out ftw. Spending tons of money on work out supplements ftl. But it is pretty nice when everyone you talk to tells you look bigger and in great shape. I still think my explanation for my gun show shirt is hilarious.


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Oh Brian [29 Jun 2007|05:34pm]
one year later I still cant help but think I failed you as a friend
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Yesterday's Wedding [17 Jun 2007|12:29pm]
Was the most fun I've had in a long time! Everyone needs to get married so I can come to more weddings. I think Mike put it best "Weddings are the new graduation party"
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I want to learn to swing dance [08 Jun 2007|08:39pm]
It looks like itd be so much fun. I like the music too.

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Hi2u [03 Jun 2007|11:33pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I really havent accomplished anything I've wanted to this summer. I pretty much have a list of activities/emotional/physical things I'd like to get done. Unfortunately, I havent made much headway on any of them. (at least I've been working out) Its kind of my own fault really... I've been fairly very apathetic the past couple of months. At least I've been trying to learn golf lately. I also am going rock climbing tomorrow, so that should be fun.

I think I'm worrying about things too much which isnt good and needs to change. Its quite the thing that will eventually take its toll on my mental health, as well as my relationships with my friends. But its quite a conundrum when I'm getting worried that the stress associated with starting a new job will make me worry about my future more.

However, despite me dragging my feet, I'm still pretty optimistic that I'll have a great summer and accomplish all of my goals. Despite a surge of pessimism lately, I'm know that when I look back in a few months I'll be able to say that I definitely did all the things on my "list", as well as changed myself for the better.

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Herro [28 May 2007|10:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

So I had a pretty fun weekend I suppose. Never got to go to the DEMF, but the weather kind of sucked every day. (and I guess I saved money) I had alot of fun at Dan Mayos and from what I can recall, I had fun at Jamies. Apparently Nathan told me I lost the ability to make complete sentences and say words. But I hope we get to play "Guillotine" more... I think its a really fun game. Having things to do this weekend helped me keep my mind off things and also be positive.

I suppose I dont have anything profound or interesting to say, so I guess the short "over the weekend I" will have to do for now. This week however, I need to go buy new work clothes. I think tomorrow I'll try and mess around with my guitar and some recording program I pirated. Should be fun. Im also glad I'm doing a good job keeping up on my work out and gain weight resolution.

Oh, I went to a bar called "The Draft" on Plymouth between Merriman and Farmington, and it was pretty nice. $1 Beers all the time... pretty good deal for a non college bar.

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This is from an older entry but I like it [26 May 2007|01:18am]
"People always say, 'If you drink, your problems will still be there in the morning.' That's like telling a guy going to the Bahamas that in a week, he'll be right back where he started. Well, for a week, he'll be gone."

I like that alot better than that stupid tom petty quote, and that annoying "live for the nights you wont remember with the people you wont forget" that EVERYONE put in their profile.

I also willingly watched "How to lose a guy in 10 days" by myself since I was bored... I think that makes me gay or something.
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I need to take more pictures [24 May 2007|06:40pm]
If you are my friend, you should make sure you remind me to bring my camera if we hang out or go to the bar. The last few years of my life are pretty undocumented, I suppose some pictures would be a good idea.

So please, bug me to bring my camera everywhere.


Does anyone know of a good program that is an alternative to itunes? Itunes is a piece of shit.
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Oh Summer... [23 May 2007|03:23pm]
So I went golfing for the first time in about 10 years yesterday and it was quite fun. However, I was quickly reminded of how steep the learning curve is in golf and how frustrating it can be. I think I'll try and go to the driving range this summer, maybe I'll be marginally decent at summer's end.

I also went and saw "The Ex" last night. It was fabulous... much better than "Garden State" and "The Last Kiss". I would suggest everyone go and see it. I also plan on seeing "Fracture" and "Knocked Up" in the next week or so. I haven't gone to the movies in a long time, so it was fun to go once again... even if it is insanely expensive. I also think I convinced Erin that I think my life will be incredibly monotonous for the next 30 years. I suppose I need to get out of the, "I'm done with college I'm an adult now" groove, and just enjoy being a 20 something who will soon have a windfall of money.

I went to the East Lansing Art Festival on Saturday with Julia. Saw alot of nice paintings/art, and I kind of wanted to buy something to hang on my wall. But I dont think I could justify spending a few hundred dollars on something just for eye candy. It was nice to be in Lansing for a bit even if it costs 20 dollars in gas for the round trip. Maybe next time I can go out to the bar with What's Shakinen Heikkinen or try to see what the enginerds have been up to.

I'm really excited for this weekend. Going up to Howell to see Dan Mayo on Saturday. Maybe we can even play some Starcraft. I really enjoyed playing it a few nights ago, so maybe I can try and get up to speed and be able to keep up with Dan's friends. Either way, I'm hoping he'll show me his badge and gun. (I don't think he has one) I'm also really excited to go to Jamie's Bday party on Saturday. I cant remember the last time I didnt have fun hanging out with them. I'm glad they came to the Rave party. Hopefully I remember to bring my camera this weekend. Also, I'm sure the DEMF will be a blast, even if it costs an arm and a leg to go.

PS everyone should download this song, because it is really good.
The New Amsterdams - Wears so Thin

Also everyone listen to the pumpkins single too:

The Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula

Oh yeah, FYI the Smashing Pumpkins played their first show last night in Paris. Makes me jealous :-( .
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